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Arrival/Pick Up and Sign In/Out

Due to the emotional nature of leaving a child we ask that when you bring your child in the morning you be as quick as possible in your departure. It is much easier on the child if the impending separation is not long and drawn out. Parents must sign each child in and out on a daily basis.


Bella Daycare will be closed on major holidays, which will be announced ahead of time.


No child will be released to a person not authorized by the parent on the pickup list or emergency card. We must have a written authorization for changes in this regard, including a description of the person responsible for your child. On those special occasions where a different adult is picking up a child, please call the day care to be sure they have been picked up on time.


A valid driver’s license or current picture ID will be requested before a child is dismissed from the daycare by anyone. Please inform grandparents, friends, and relatives of this policy to avoid any confusion.



Parents are welcome to visit or call the daycare at anytime.


Payments are monthly and based on full-time care.  Tuition is based on enrollment (space) not on attendance. We are currently accepting 1 and half yrs old.

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